Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Currently and a Freebie!

Happy Belated Fourth of July!  I hope you found a cool spot to watch the fireworks!  We enjoyed our local display last night...they were giving out color-refracting glasses and I have to say, it was pretty cool to watch!  I had to laugh when the kids kept saying we were watching the fireworks in "3D"!

Here is my July Currently....

I discovered Pete the Cat this year....isn't he great?  If you haven't checked him out, you really should!  Maybe my "wanting" should have been the $50 stuffed animal of him!  Definitely going on my Christmas list!

As for Responsive Classroom, I just got back from a fabulous conference in Delaware.  We started implementing this in our school this year, and I am a definite fan!  In fact, I'm going to start sharing with you some of the things I learned in my week away.  I'll probably break it down into a couple different posts, but I am such a firm believer in this method, I feel the need to share the love! :)

As for the classroom....yeah, you can relate, right?  A friend of mine retired and left me all her things.  While they are WONDERFUL, I have to admit...I'm a classroom hoarder.  It's only made my addiction worse!  Maybe they'll feature me on a special edition of Teacher Hoarders? :)  Just kidding!  Stay cool and stay tuned for the upcoming posts!  

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